Picking up a pace after a long break

Homeon9tuition wishes the best of 2019 for all students in Malaysia. We from homeon9tuition would like to share some tips on how picking up the pace after school holiday.

Coming back from break and getting your study on has to be one of the most challenging experiences as a student.  We understand that everyone often face the lull that follows a long vacation. And, the worst thing is we don’t have the motivation or inertia. Homeon9tuition.com is happy to share tips and tricks to help you to pick up the pace for the first few weeks.

Get Into the Routine Before You Go Back to School

Before you start school, go ahead and start getting yourself back into a school routine even before you start. If you have a family, this is even more important because it is not just you who will have to find a new rhythm in your household.

For example, you may create a weekly priorities routine to help you, those in your life, to determine the priorities for the week and make sure you have all your bases covered. We teach our homeon9tuition students to prepare textbooks, school books and buy some exercises books. Therefore, they can try to understand their studies well.

Plan your life

Setting a weekly priorities list could mean looking at your course syllabus and the work you need to accomplish that week, and setting a plan for what needs to be done in order of importance. The plan could even include any family,friends or work events you are involved with. You can easily get into this habit before your classes start, so that by the time school starts it is part of your normal routine.

Your weekly priorities list could even include where each item on the list will be done. For example, do you need to spend some time at the library? Or perhaps you need to attend your cousin’s marriage next week. Having a family meeting to review the priorities of the week will make sure everyone is on the same team. Therefore timetable for study is important. We always encourage students who are studying in homeon9tuition to prepare a diary so they dont forget their duties.This is  for them to take a note of their homework given by their school teachers. Besides, they can put a remark for any question or study which they don’t understand well. Teachers in homeon9tuition are ready to help our students in their homework.

Don’t Procrastinate

The reality is that everyone is dealing with various commitments in life. It can be in study, family matters, or friends . People often found it hard to juggle between these and keep them balance. I understand how hard it is to squeeze in all important topics and get ready for your big exam.However, it requires you to diligently manage your school and home lives.

Ideally, homeon9tuition recommends students to plan a school schedule. Set a gap between priority and not. Once you have your weekly priorities list, budget exactly when and where you will get your school tasks completed.

Be specific in your plan as well. Will you do some school work on your lunch hour? Do you plan to get a good tuition to help one night a week so you can work on your more difficult coursework? Normally tuition centres dont guide student in their homework. However homeon9tuition offer various tutor from different field where specialist in certain subjects. Feel free to contact us if you need our quality tutors. We do understand that when you’re tired from work and school, sticking to the plan can be hard. Therefore, tutors from homeon9tuition would help a lot.

Sometimes this is painful if you are a born procrastinator, but you want to consider the consequences of procrastination. Poor grades can have consequences for yourself in terms of missed opportunities. It could even impact your emotional state or choice of study in future. However, if you have a clear goal in your reason for being at school, that will motivate you through those tough days.

Set goals for yourself.

On Jan 2019 , while heading to school, take a pen and paper and write a list of personal goals that you’d like to accomplish during the year. These goals might be social, intellectual, or physical, but by having something to work towards some goals that you might consider:

List below are some importants ideas that we share to student who study with homeon9tuition. We are happy to share more.

  • Improve your killing subject
  • Master last year topic start June (for PT3 and SPM sitters)
  • Do not miss homework
  • Be proactive in class
  • Create memories with good friends
  • Participate in events and competitions

Review your homework.

If you didn’t have homework assigned over break, take some time to look over the last homework you did in each class before leaving school. This will remind you of where you left off in class, and looking over homework can prevent you from forgetting to complete it.Take this time also to reflect on the way you’ve done homework in the past. If you can think of any improvements you might make to your homework routine, returning to school might be the perfect time to make a change.

List things you can look forward to.

There may be a field trip in a week or two, or maybe your science class has a cool experiment planned – whatever it might be, chances are you have something to look forward to when you return to school. By making a list of these things, you can replace any fear you have of going back with excitement to return.

Take your time getting back into the rhythm of things.

There’s no getting around it, you’ll need some time before it feels normal going to school again. Don’t be hard on yourself. This process can take a week or two, but coach yourself through your negative thoughts by saying things like “It’s normal to be a little nervous returning to something after a long break. Everything’s going to be alright!”

Most kids don’t want to go back to school any more than any adults do. It is due to childhood memories and happiness with teachers and schoolmate. Bear in mind, real life is not east, the responsibility is bigger. Tell to yourself, but at least I’ll be able to see my friends! I can’t wait to tell them about my adventures or activities during last holiday.

Tutor from homeon9tuition normally advise their students to get back into the rhythm or in study mode after a long gap. Firstly, you need to start slow and then gain momentum. Start with subjects that interest you the most and fix a time to study. Say in the morning one hour. Then keep building it. Start giving tests in topics you have studied to gain confidence. After that, pick topics which are slightly grey for you. Keep working and try increasing your study time by half an hour a week. Give yourself a day off in between and do what you used to do before working back on study matters. Continue this routine  for a month, then you will find great improvement in your potential to perform.

Adjust your sleep schedule, if necessary.

Over the course of your vacation, you might have enjoyed sleeping in or staying up late. This might make it difficult getting back into your school routine. To reset your sleep schedule you should:

  • Return to your routine several days to a week ahead of time.
  • Open blinds to get natural light in the mornings.
  • Skip late night meals.
  • Limit your stimulants, like caffeine and energy drinks

Make a family schedule.

If you don’t have any brothers and sisters, it can be difficult for your parents to keep track of all the things they need to check all the time as they might be busy with their job. If you don’t trust yourself to make a great  schedule you should tell them and work for it together. Help your parents out by creating a family schedule on a calendar. You may want to include

  • Meet days for sports
  • Club activities
  • Important test days
  • Tuition classes with homeon9tuition ( if you don’t register yet, you are most welcome to be part of us).

Ingrain your routine through consistency.

Consistency, as homeon9tuition tutors say, is the main key for success, and by staying true to your routine it will become easier and less stressful with each passing day. A consistent routine will also help you to re-adjust your sleep schedule, and can help you to maintain a discipline in studying.

Talk with your parents.

Keep your parents up to date not only with your school activities, but also with your feelings. Your parents might have some good advice for beating the back-to-school blues, or might have an idea to cheer you up. When talking with your parents, you might say something like “Dad, I knew I had to go back to school all break, but now that it’s here I’m really bummed about it. Could we go to the movies next weekend, just you and me, as a treat for making it through the first week?”. Or else to bring back the mood, you can start 1 hour tuition in a week. Sometimes, outsider or teacher can be your friend to discuss many things. Homeone9tuition has different range of age, new tutor might be has less experience in teaching but they can help a lot in teenagers problem. Meanwhile experience teacher will help you a lot in study and you start to focus and let go unnecessary thought.The mood will switch once you have  a great accompany.

Adjust to the unexpected.

Even the best routines aren’t safe from the randomness of life. Whether it’s a looming test or something fun, like a concert, there are always things that you’ll have to adjust your routine around. Continue tweaking your routine until it fits your life well, and next time you have vacation, returning to school after break will be a cinch.

Be Patient

Finally, be sure not to be too hard on yourself. Transitioning is never easy, especially if you’ve had a very big change of pace during school break. Everyone struggles with adjustments like this, you might even notice that your parents have a hard time going back to work after a few days of holiday break.

If you can, try to plan in some extra breaks and downtime during the first week that you are back at school. You might even consider doing something extra nice for yourself at the end of the first week, that way you can have something to look forward to. Maybe this will mean taking a nice long bath, buying yourself a new book or a new journal, or even starting on that new season of your favorite show that you’ve been waiting to binge-watch.

Keep in mind that even if you plan ahead, you might not be able to jump back into the swing of things right away—and that’s okay! Just as long as you’re patient with yourself and learn not to criticize yourself too harshly, we’re sure that you’ll be back to your old school-year self in no time.

Final Thoughts

Getting back into the swing of things after a long break won’t be easy, but with some thoughtful planning, it can be made significantly easier. If you feel yourself starting to panic, just stick to the plan—plan ahead, set goals, set a schedule, and be kind to yourself! With a little patience, you’d be surprised at how far you can go.

That’s all from home.on9tuition. Wishing you the best for your next adventure. Good luck!