Get me know better

As an educator, I am very pleased with the achievement of previous students. I would like to help more students because I believe, everyone has potential and each of us has our own strengths and uniqueness. The past cannot be changed, the future is yet in your power. Therefore, I am glad to share my experiences to motivate students, guide them with good exercises and better explanation on how to answer questions with the help of my team.

Miss Nur

Forget your fears but not your hopes and dreams. Forget about your disappointment, but discover the unfulfilled potential. Do not worry about what you tried and failed, but with what’s still going on. I am pleased to be an advisor to support my former student’s efforts to help young people succeed in their studies. I hope my lecture on parenting will give parents some ideas for the future of their children.

Prof Mustafa Omar

Saya berharap dengan pengalaman sebagai guru dapat membantu mana-mana pelajar di luar sana untuk terus cemerlang dan berjaya. Setelah sekian lama membantu pelajar cemerlang MARA, saya berbesar hati membantu pelajar-pelajar lain supaya sama hebat dan bijak. Saya berharap ibubapa tidak berputus asa dengan memberi sokongan dan galakan kepada anak-anak untuk terus berusaha.

Yang benar,
Haji Nizar