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We ensure children interested to learn, monitoring their progress by giving 100% attention and guiding them in exams to maximize their potential.

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Home tuition

A tutor will come at your convenient time at home and flexible to change a timetable in case of emergency. It is an effective way of 1 to 1 learning to help students stay focused as we are providing a quality teacher and parents won’t worry about their children’ safety.

Online Tuition

We love to use new technology in order to be creative and advance in dealing with modern children. We try our best to find new strategies and utilize technology in teaching to get students’ attention.

Education Plan

Cash rebates await you after enrolment and we are glad to give a gift to celebrate students’ improvement with saving strategy for a tertiary education within a specified time frame. Therefore, we are glad to introduce the financial strategy in further discussion with parents

Assoc. Professor Mustafa Omar

Head Department of Economics (IIUM)
Family Management & Parenting Session with Parents

Haji Mohd Nizar bin Idris

MRSM Principal
Students’ Advisor . MARA examination papers and education tips.

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We are pleased with the comments given by parents and former students as above.

They managed to further their studies at boarding schools and universities.

We hope that there are more new students will have the same opportunities as them and continue to strive for good results.

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